Don’s Bio


Don Zabitka
Electric Guitar, Piano/Keys

I was born in Wilmington Delaware and I’ve always had a piano or organ in the home, since my mom plays, so music has always been a big part of my life from day one.  As for my start into music, it starts in an interesting way.  When I was 12 one of my friends talked me into playing for the football team. Well, tryouts were over and the team had already started practicing so I was first told I was too late, but they would see if they could pull some strings.  That night I never prayed so hard, like never before, I remember asking for strength to be able to take on things that previously I was scared of.  The next day it turned out I was able to get on the team and I had a great time.

As the football season was ending, I was in music class in school and we were learning guitar.  I thought I picked it up pretty easily but that was it, the next thing I know the music teacher called me into his office and asked me if I wanted to play in the school band, well having never even thought about it I said “what would I play?”  My teacher suggested the Trombone and without even thinking about it I said “sounds like fun”, even though I didn’t even know what a trombone was, but I was not going to be scared of the unknown, funny thing to be coming from a 12 year old.  The next day I was so fired up about the new adventure that every day I stopped down to the music room to see if he got my classes moved around yet.  Once I got playing in a big group, there was no going back, I was hooked.

Years later, when I was 17, I got my first real guitar, and it was a red Kramer.  From that point I kept adding equipment and in 1995 I had enough equipment to actually say that I had a recording studio. I got married in 2005 to Hope and have 3 great step sons, Charlie, Eric, and Nicholas. I enjoy seeing what adventure God has in store for me next.